Announcing our first official partnership with Plair from Vechain

We are happy to announce JIF’s first partnership with Plair

Plair offers a decentralized platform for anyone who is interested in gaming, creating an online social experience for gamers, from playing, chatting, creating content, or even purely watching.

JI.Finance (JIF) has been out for two days and we are excited that our English and Chinese community have been this active, anticipating for our updates and plans. This has been out of our expectations, and we are pleased to deliver you some progress.

There will only be a few open pools to yield farm soon, but there will be more pools once we implement the feature.

Here is the first look at our dashboard:

First of all, thank you all for the support, whether you are from the English or Chinese community. We are truly grateful that you have followed us on our journey to the Uniswap launch, and a start to the future of DeFi.

Our vision where the future in which traditional financial services would move to blockchain have not wavered, and we will continue to move on with this plan going forward.

To clarify some doubts which may have come up on our social media platforms, our team has no tokens, and the liquidity we put up is going to be…

JIF 代币 代表链上收益产生的下一个飞跃。代码固定在智能合约上, 其工作原理是对每笔交易收取1.5%的费用,并立即将该费用分配给所有代币持有者。


与仅用于交换或为流动资金池使用的传统DeFi 流动性挖矿代币不同,JIF代币在收益产生中利用了最新的创新技术,以结合加密空间中的最佳特质。





没有众筹,没有预售,没有代币解锁,没有额外复杂流程。 JIF所有的1000万流通量将直接流向社区流动池,并且仅由社区来处理和控制。只要您持有JIF,您就将从每笔交易中分得1.5%的费用。



JIF Token represents the next leap forward in on-chain yield generation. Hard coded onto an immutable smart contract, JIF works by applying a 1.5% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.

Our smart contract is constructed in a way that to maximise earning power, certain addresses are excluded from earning fees (E.g. Exchange wallets and liquidity pools such as the Uniswap or Balencer) Calculated by the percentage of JIF your holdings compared to other JIF holders within the ecosystem, all JIF holders are guaranteed to split 100% of the fees received by…

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