Announcing our first official partnership with Plair from Vechain

We are happy to announce JIF’s first partnership with Plair

Plair offers a decentralized platform for anyone who is interested in gaming, creating an online social experience for gamers, from playing, chatting, creating content, or even purely watching.

With the use of blockchain technology, Plair is able to reward members for their time, participation, growth, and many more factors.

They aim to provide gamers with not just entertainment, but an opportunity to do what they enjoy while also earning enough for their everyday lives.

We on the JIF team believe that partnering with Plair is the first step to our vision that traditional financial services will move to blockchain technology, and furthermore helping the community grow is something we see important in common.

One of the plans we at JIF are looking to implement first is a reward token for completing tasks on Plair. By participating in the platform, you are eligible to acquire JIF, which can be withdrawn and used elsewhere.

There are also plans to expand the Plair network into the Chinese Esports community, which is one of our forte and connections.

In the future, you will be able to use JIF on Plair to support your favorite streamers, esports events, and more!

Once again, we are truly grateful for Plair to accept our invitation to partner with them, which is our first of many steps to expand our network and connections to provide both our Chinese and English community a share of our vision to build a decentralized future.

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