Introducing JI.Finance (JIF)

JIF Token represents the next leap forward in on-chain yield generation. Hard coded onto an immutable smart contract, JIF works by applying a 1.5% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token.

Our smart contract is constructed in a way that to maximise earning power, certain addresses are excluded from earning fees (E.g. Exchange wallets and liquidity pools such as the Uniswap or Balencer) Calculated by the percentage of JIF your holdings compared to other JIF holders within the ecosystem, all JIF holders are guaranteed to split 100% of the fees received by the network. Once the split is determined, earnings will automatically be directed to your wallet holding JIF

Unlike traditional DeFi farming tokens, which are purely used for swapping or contributing to a liquidity pool, the JIF Token leverages the latest innovations in yield generation to combine the best qualities within the crypto space.

The Situation

All DeFi projects to-date have been susceptible to hacks and exploitation of users. Moreover, there are many risks when interacting with any DeFi smart contracts such as yield farms which may include vulnerabilities, trust related issues with the team, unsustainable token economic models and more.

Traditional DeFi projects also rely on minting new tokens to pay-out rewards generated from smart contracts. The further introduction of more and more tokens will only create unnecessary confusion for both beginner and expert investors but greatly accelerate the depreciative nature of the token.

Our Solution

Introducing JIF, the future of on-chain yield generation. As long as you hold JIF tokens in your wallet, all fees will be distributed automatically with each transaction. No website or interface is necessary for this to happen, and the best of all, this is programmed into the smart contract.

Following up on the previous point, the fee generation and distribution are both embedded in the smart contract itself, therefore reducing any potential security risks significantly. No other contracts or interfaces can be exploited, there are no other way exists to exploit any transactions other than the smart contract itself, which is fully transparent to everyone.

JIF offers a truly decentralised experience, there will be no ICOs, pre-sales, fundraising of any kind or any team allocation. There are no more features to add. There is no individual or team to be relied upon to give JIF any value.

Final Notes

There will be no crowdfunding, no pre-sales, no unlocking tokens, nothing extra. 100% of the 10M JIF supply will go to the community pool, and will be handled and controlled by only the community. As long as you hold JIF, you will receive a split of the 1.5% fee from every transaction.

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