Message from the Ji.Finance team

First of all, thank you all for the support, whether you are from the English or Chinese community. We are truly grateful that you have followed us on our journey to the Uniswap launch, and a start to the future of DeFi.

Our vision where the future in which traditional financial services would move to blockchain have not wavered, and we will continue to move on with this plan going forward.

To clarify some doubts which may have come up on our social media platforms, our team has no tokens, and the liquidity we put up is going to be locked for 6 months so we can gain confidence from the investors. Details here:

We are only a small group of people with a big vision, discovering a path to this objective through forking RFI. We have a verified contract on Etherscan (One and only address: 0xaa1d706b8e97aab6d7a8e7f60e0bf0d0883379e6). With that settled, we are looking to list our token on CoinGecko and other platforms soon, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

One of the biggest doubts in the community up until now is: “Why is the liquidity still unlocked? It only takes a minute or two!”

The final thing to mention is that our team cannot function without your support. As we’ve mentioned above, we hold no tokens whatsoever. We have given you our most truthful and transparent information. Having said so, we are looking for donations/fundraising for more partnerships, hoping to benefit all JIF token users, whether it be an app, a staking platform, any further product development or marketing, etc. We are NEVER going to discontinue the project even if we don’t receive any donations, and will still continue to move forward with the current funding.

Donation Address : 0x01Feb0022DA594eF7909c48a7a1Af61aaDf506D9

Once again, our team wishes to thank every single one of you, for the continued and unrelentless support. We hope to bring you to the moon with all our efforts and create a new future for DeFi. Together.